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Full Version: HP-49g+ ROM update issues
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I recently (9 hours ago) updated the ROM of my HP-49g+ from 3.54 to 4.01 (build 0092), downloaded from educalc.net.

I did the whole upgrade through a PC connection, and averything worked fine.

After the upgrade I have a couple of questions:

1) Is this the first ROM taht uses native ARM code, or is it still translated from Saturn code? Or: which is the first ROM to do this?

2) I have noticed that after the upgrade, the procedure for uploading files (right shift + right arrow) always fails the connection, while starting the same routine with XSERV always succeeds. Is this in relation with the new ROM or is it something that affects my PC/calculator/cable?

As far as I know (I couldn't do much practice on the new ROM, since I did the whole thing late at night, now I'm at work and I left the calculator home), these are the only questions that arise to me.

Did anyone experience some other issue after upgrading to the new ROM?

Thanks in advance.

-- Antonio

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The latest rom is 2.09.

Not sure what you have downloaded from educalc.net :-)

Of course you're right, I was referring to the Firmware number.

Holding ON and pressing F4, a message appears for a few instants, before the self tests menu appear; here it is what I see:

VERSION: 04.01

The site is here showing:

Firmware: 4.01 Build 0092
Release Date: 3 June 2006
ROM Version: 2.09
File Name: 4950_92.bin

-- Antonio

After updating the ROM to v2.09 in my HP-49G+ , I found that the Equation Library didn't work as usual! How can I get around this problem?

Take a look at this comp.sys.hp48 thread.

Also see this thread. Note that Jean-Yves has made the Periodic Table (as in the original 48SX application cards) available again (library 229).



Note that the latest release of libraries 226, 227, and 229 should work in any 49 series, at least as far back as the 49G ROM revision 1.18. They can be downloaded from http://www.hydrix.com/Download/Hp/4950Libraries/.