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Full Version: Ebay Auction # 300028008900
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Dave, please take a look at this auction.


What's wrong?

The images are all gone, but what's left looks legit. Apparently the seller does not have the calculator manual so in its place he provides a clearly labelled HP Musemum CD with the manual of the device (and the rest). The CDs in themselves are nothing but a collection of HP manuals so I'm not sure if providing a copy of one is actually an act of piracy. Besides, unless it's in the (now missing) images, nothing in the auction can be used to decide if the CD is a copy or an original.

I don't know that anything is "wrong." I was just calling attention to it in the event that Dave does have a problem with some selling and/or reselling his product.

In any event, I won the auction so I'll let you know if it is an original or a copy.


Hi John,

It was nice seeing you at HHC. It's not easy to tell from a ebay user name, but if the seller is Allen Thomson, then he did buy 18 CDs to resell with calculators. (Allen's address matches the location given in the auction.)

Given the nature of some ebay sellers, Allen might want to add something like "No really - it's not a copy!" to his auctions. ;-)

It was great seeing you too, Dave. Believe it or not I got the 97 today after ordering it only on Friday.

It is Allen Thomas and the CD is an original. Excellent.

What a great time was had. I wish everyone could go next year.