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Full Version: Were any HP32SII's ever made in USA?
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Were any HP32SII's ever made in the USA? I've only ever seen Singapore or Indonesia as the countries of manufacture. If there were some HP32SII's made in USA, how rare are they? and would they be worth more to buy (over Singapore/Indonesia models) because they are USA manuufactured?


Jason --

I seriously doubt it. The HP-41's and Pioneer-series models seem to follow a pattern of US manufacture the during the first years until the bugs were gone and initial demand had been fulfilled, then switching to manufacture in Singapore.

My two early 1989 Pioneers (21S - 2918A; 14B - 2906A) were US-made; my later 1989 Pioneer (42S - 2939S) is Singapore-made. All my 1988 Pioneers are US-made; all my 1990-1993 Pioneers are Singapore-made. I also have two Pioneers made in Indonesia (1997 and 2001).

The HP-32SII was introduced in 1991 (albeit with bugs in the new fraction-math functionality during that first year).

-- KS

What kind of bug?


I have some HP-32S (not 32SII) units made in USA,

amongst them some of the 50th anniversary units.



I have repaired several made in USA 32Sii's. Based on the "Earliest Serial" listed on this site, they were made in the USA for only a few months before moving to Singapore. IMO, quality is the same as Singapore units. I can't see where they would be worth more as the price of the 32ii's is driven by users, not collectors.

go to http://www.finseth.com and find his hpdatabase for a description of the fraction bug.

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I ahve one of them too.

And my 27s is made in USA.2809A06404