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Full Version: Wanted for 41: Solvit, Astro ROM, Forecast, OS-41
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Browsing EDUCALC #41. Found interesting items such as:

Solvit (Page 63)
OS-41 (Page 63)
Astro ROM (Page 55)
Forecast (Page 56)

Anyone has any info on where to get these (as programs or images/packs)?

Solvit (Page 63): Sorry, I do not know this... I do not collect Educalc papers yet.

OS-41 (Page 63): Maybe the OS for the ERAMCO Rambox... 4k long (half sice of the OS of the W&W Rambox, preferd in my Ramboxes).

Astro ROM (Page 55): ASTROROM I and ASTROROM II exists, two HP-41 modules.

Forecast (Page 56): There exists three FORECAST modules for the HP-41...

Please download my summery of most HP-41 software for clother informations.



Does any of the modules exist as images to load into the Clonix/NoV-32?

BTW: I refer to the catalog hosted here by Katie Wasserman.

Edited: 9 Sept 2006, 1:47 p.m.