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Full Version: How to transfer HP48GX programs to HP50G
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I have some programs on my HP48GX which I would like to transfer to the new HP50G. I tried copying the 48GX files to PC and then copy them from PC to 50G. There is message saying these are 48 files and may destroy the contents of 50G. Any suggestions on how to translate 48GX programs to 50G? Thanks.

Any suggestions on how to translate 48GX programs to 50G?

The easiest way is to transfer the objects in ASCII mode from the 48G to the PC. If you want integer numbers in programs being treated as reals instead of exact integers, set your 50g to approximate mode before the transfer. Or edit the programs on the PC in order to add decimal points to the numbers in question.

Conn4x comes with a built in XModem server for your 48G. It is a library which can be downloaded and stored in port 0 or 1 on your calc. On your PC you can have two instances of Conn4x open, one connected to the 48G (via COM port) and the other via USB to your 50g. Set the transfer mode on the sending side (48G) to ASCII (the right most icon on the toolbar) and then you can drag files directly from one calculator to the other.


Are they userRPL programs? SysRPL? Libraries? There will be a large difference in transferring depending on what type of program it is.


These are user RPL programs.

Then follow what Marcus said, no tricky work required.