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Full Version: hp39gs vs hp39g+
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While I was looking for a _good_ picture of the HP50G I came on this page of C. Croft's site. I am a little confused to see an HP39GS, up to now I only knew about the HP39G+. Did I miss something, who may tell about the delta of those two calcs.


Well, from Colin's site:

a sexy new colour scheme! (Yay! I never liked the 39g+ colours.)

a hard cover.

a reinforced screen. This has been re-engineered so that it
will (supposedly) withstand 70kg. I don't know that I'd be
prepared to test it. However the whole calculator has been
made more sturdy (I'm told) and that I really DID test by throwing
one across the room to hit the wall and fall to the concrete floor.
It worked perfectly!

new flash ROM. This means the BIOS can be updated if necessary.
bullet a completely redesigned keyboard. I can't comment on long term reliability (obviously) but the feel of the new keyboard is wonderful. Given the huge priority that I know HP put on getting the keyboard right this time I have high hopes. They do listen actually! :-)
Note: We've now been using them for a month with our Year 10s and
have had not a single problem.

extra aplets - "Finance" (from the 39g+), "Linear Solver" and "Triangle Solver".

So basically it is the updated 39g+ with the good keyboard, a few extra aplets found on the 40GS, no CAS (it is physically gone from the ROM so no unlocker is possible), and flash ROM so updates may be done in the future.


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The 39gs seems to be available only here on the Brazilian HP Site. Anyone in the USA or in Europe has ever got one?

-- Antonio

It is listed on the HP US site too.