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Full Version: Emu48 1.42 and WINE - It Works!
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With cxoffice pro 5.0.3 and Emu48 1.42, the app installs and runs with an HP-48G ROM and all the default skins except "floating buttons." (That one's buttons work, but the display doesn't show anything. I don't know it it behaves the same on Windows or not.)

Thanks to all WINE developers, Christoph G. and Code Weavers. I asked for this application to be considered by C.W. over a year ago, and today it works. I don't know if that's the result of general improvement in WINE, improvements in 1.42 or both. or if this app was specifically targeted by anyone. Regardless, everyone involved with these wonderful software systems deserves my thanks.

Combined with recent improvements in Linux client support at work, this means that Windows is receding in importance in my life to an unprecedented extent. I can't convey to you how happy that makes me feel 8) 8)