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Full Version: replacement for HP48S
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I am afraid my beloved HP48S is about to die on me (some keys aren't functioning). From the current line of HP calculators, what would folks recommend as a replacement with the most similar functionality of a 48S? Please direct replies directly to me, if possible.

Tom Isenbarger

New, the Hp48Gii is the closest direct replacement. However, for a modest $40 or so more, you can have an Hp50G with LOTS more memory and the Eq Lib.

Or consider buying an Hp48G from ebay. Will be $50-70 (about $30 less than a new Hp48Gii) and will be exactly the same form and feel as your worn out 48s but with the eq lib and about 50% faster.

I suggest the Hp50G, but an Hp48G is a good down and dirty number cruncher with the equals key where I want it!

...an Hp48G is a good down and dirty number cruncher with the equals key where I want it!


Hopefully I did not miss some intended humor, but was the above remark intentional, i.e. you want the equals key nowhere on the calculator, or just a slip of the tongue? :)

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No, I simply messed up. But I do like the effect or implication.

An alternative to buying a new 48gii (not recommended!) or a 48G on eBay would be to call hp and see if they are still offering out-of-warranty replacements for the 48 series. Their policy used to be that they would exchange a broken out-of-warranty unit for 5 years after model discontinuation, for a flat exchange fee. I believe that the 48G series models were discontinued less than 5 years ago. Of course the 48S has been discontinued much longer, but they might be willing to send you a 48G or 48G+ (take that option if available) since it would be the closest replacement for yours. Be aware that it will likely cost more than a 48Gii or a 48G on eBay, but it will be the latest possible production for that model and should therefore last a long time. Of course, they may have eliminated this service and may simply direct to the current model which is closest to he 48S in capability, which would be the 48gii. As Ron states, a better option would be the 50g or eBay.

If you decide to try the exchange route, call 1-800-HPINVEN (1-800-474-6836), then say “other” or “something else” or similar at the automated call director prompts for verbal input until it connects you to an operator, then ask for calculator support.