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Full Version: hp 32sii manual
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hi folks,

i just bought an hp 32sii in ebay (i am waiting on package)
it comes with no manual and i would not like to spend the $25 hp ask for the book, considering that i bought it cheap.
how can i get a used manual cheap?
will i need the manual or is it just a wrist-watch pamphlet?
any good websites for the 32sii?

many thanks.

You can use the classified ads here (see the link at the top of this page) or ebay.

Also, I've picked some HP manuals up VERY cheaply at used bookstores.

The HP32SII is a very good manual. Note I wrote manual instead of users guide. It is worth getting


thanks for the tip.
i didn't notice that they are two different books. i am asumming that the user's gudie is the book that comes with the calc and the manual is a more comprehensive book. i've looked at the hp webpage and they have listed for sale a "suplemental guide" (00032-90057) which must be also different, so there are three different books (but i didn't see the user's guide for sale). am i wrong?

Earlier HP calculators came with manuals that are very complete, even with very good programing examples. The user guides are good but not nearly as complete.