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Full Version: Programming Instructions for HP49G
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I am surprised that neither the User's Manual or the Advanced User's Guide mentions anything about programming. Can anyone refer me to either a book or some website with information on programming the HP49G. Thanks

Hi Chan,

Gilberto E. Urroz has written two books about the HP49 which you can buy online at:


You'll certainly also find some docs about programming here:


Look also in the HP48 section as the programming hasn't changed. A good book also is the HP48 advanced user's reference manual which is still available from HP.

Cheers Daniel

You can fing lot of information about Hp programming.
Take a look at http://www.hpcalc.org/hp49/docs/programming/ there you will probably find what you are looking for...
Feel free to contact if any dude exist.

I m Sorry but I m Not speak inglish, but i have traductor,please i need this information for programing
in my super hp49g

thank you!


Juan Pablo Jones

need the programamming instructions for hp, pleace

Feel free sending me an e-mail and specifying your needs for programming. Maybe I can help you. Please, include a copy to lcvieira@rapidanet.com.br.