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Full Version: HP 49g+ programming question
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Hi all HP fans,
can someone help me with this 49g+ programming issue:

Can I make an input form that works like the one for Time Value of Money calculations on the 49g+? I'm aware of the INPUT form function but that one only seems to return to "regular" calculator mode once enter is pressed. Instead, I would like to use the input form, enter variuos variables and then calculate the variable of my choice, while the input form remains visible - just like in the TVM menu!

By the way, which is the best reference for RPL, given that today´s HP´s doesn't come with too good manuals...

Grateful for any advice! Thanks, Anders


I am not sure if you have already tried it, but there is a INFORM in the HP49G+ 'repertoire' of functions, that allows you to create a custom display that may sesemble the TVM menu. If you have the HP48G Advanced User's Reference Manual (yes, 48G, not 49G+) you can check pages 3.152 to 3.154 where INFORM is explained in details. The HP48G AURM is available to download, but I cannot find the link...

Hope this helps.


Luiz (Brazil)

Hi Luiz, thanks for your reply! Yes, the INFORM function was the one I actually meant. But it only seems to collect the values and return them to 'normal' calculator interface, whereas I want the form to stay visible while computing my function.

Thanks for the suggested reference, I'll try and find it. //Anders

For the input form with the advanced features, you'll probably have to used more advanced tools. See http://www.debug4x.com/.

For an advanced manual for the 49g+ and 48gII (also mostly applicable to the 49G and 50g) see http://www.hpcalc.org/details.php?id=6374.

For SysRPL programming, see http://www.hpcalc.org/search.php?query=Programming+in+System+RPL.


Don't forget the 'bible': the Advanced Users Reference,(AUR) of the 48 series.