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Full Version: HP 15C new for $100 !???
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This can't be real, must be a fraud.

Indonesia Hewlett Packard - HP 15c

Update.... I'm an idiot. I fixed the link.

Chris W

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The URL doesn't work for me. I get a request to authenticate with a username and password.


I canĀ“t access, it needs username and password. Any available?

Luiz (Brazil)


And following Mr.Seller:
HP41c, woodstocks etc.:


Alibaba is a site I've seen before... If it is a fraud, I'd think they would take it down soon.

I see the minimum is 10 units. IFF anyone decides they want to chance this and make a group purchase, I'd be interested. Might take some detective work to validate it a bit more though.

Makes you go "hmmmm..." :-)


I think that Alibaba is legitimate but the particular seller there may not be. There's some discussion about this

You can also buy directly from this seller here and you can buy
a minimum quantity of 10 HP-29C's

I'd like a buy pallet load of 95C's and a couple of Brooklyn Bridges to go with that.

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Take your 1000$, turn them into 1$ bills, drive up to a busy place and throw them into the air. Fun. Wire the same amount to a dubious company. No fun.

This is a plain, old fraud. No doubt - building up a web shop for these rip-offs is a step ahead though; usually these companies just hide behind a hotmail or yahoo account. (Most *huge* companies from far east have far less professional web sites...)
- high priced products offered at a too-good-to-be-true price
- they know what they are offering (links to hpmuseum), still offer them well below ebay prices
- product shots vary a lot (different backgrounds and quality)
- no business references to be found

I find the double web site link interesting as well:
Different persons, different town, different phone#

Though there *might* be an explanation for all these odd hints and this *might* be a serious company, you'd better buy 4 of the cals from ebay than paying the same amount for ten times nothing.

(Again: chances are about 99.99% this is a rip-off...)

Hi Katie,

Alibaba is definitively legitimate - AFAIK it's the Chinese answer to eBay.

But this seller is really impudent! Offering 29C in bunchs of 10!! May I join your order and add 15 HP42S for 85$/pc.?


I'm skeptical, but I'm not as skeptical as others here. It may well be the case that the company offering these for sale managed to buy a bunch of service stock from a regional HP office, or new old stock from an HP distributor.

I'd be willing to risk buying a few 15Cs, but not ten of them, so if anyone decides to try it, let me know.

Too bad, but not unexpected. See this link. I emailed the person who filed the report and this is his response:

"Well, I purchased a scientific calculator from them. As instructed, I did the money transfer and after a couple of weeks I tried to contact them to see the status. There is no response at all, yet if one will use the same email address to inquire about buying a product their response is immediate."

I saw another one of these once that purported to sell digital cameras wholesale. Had a nice web site and all, but also a fraud. I was disappointed then, too.

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I'm interested too!

-- Antonio

I think the name AliBaba kinda gives it away. The myth of Ali Baba is that he was the leader of the 40 thieves. Now if that's not ahint what is???? I'd stay away from buying from that site.

It's like trading with a calculator vendor that goes by names like:

+ Capone Calculators
+ WeCheathemAndHow Office Supplies
+ Black Beard Electronics

If it's too good to be true, then it is so.


Hahaha, those are some amusing names =)

Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe, Esqs.

from an old Three Stooges or Marx Bros. (or such) film.

Great name for calculators... oops... I mean, calculating people!

The picture of the 29C is of an obviously well used unit... Think they have hundreds of used 29C's laying around? Give me a break... send me the money instead. You'll have a better chance of getting SOMETHING in return.