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Full Version: Anybody actually bought an HP50G
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I am dying to find out how are the keys? Do they register? Can I type 15 functions continuously like the 48 Series and it registers?

I am getting one from an HP distributer in Canada probably next Monday or Tuesday. I can post my impressions and compare it to my early S/N 49g+ (and to my 48SX) then if you like...


Hi mike, can you tell me who the distributor is in Canada? I got a brother there. Maybe he would send one for me.

on sale !


Under 'availability' Samsoncables says 3-5 business days. So I guess he doesn't actually have it in stock as yet.

Hi Mike!

I'm in Canada; where are you getting one, and what's the price?

Hi Naim,

I deal with various distributors for computer equipment, Mac systems, printers etc. at the store I work for - a pro camera shop in Vancouver, B.C. One of the distributors also stocks HP calculators and we do, by special request, also resell them on rare occasions. We do not stock them of course but are able to special-order them in.

Unfortunately, pricing in Canada on HP calculators is still a bit higher than in the US and is not on par with the exchange rate, however it is not as dramatically higher as in other parts of the world. For example, selling prices for the 49g+ varied from $179 to $229 in Canada, depending on the store - not that it is easy to find! I have never seen one for sale outside of university bookstores actually.

Anyway, the distributor had a few dozen 50G's come in on Friday, of which only three remained at the end of they day - one of which, on impulse, I snagged for myself. I have no idea what store(s) they went out to and have no way of finding out. I have to presume a specialty retailer like a university or college bookstore as per my comment above.

The last time I checked, there was no ETA listed for any subsequent shipments so I doubt I could get my hands on any more soon. Maybe in a few weeks, but that is a guess pure and simple...

If someone is interested and in the Vancouver area, you could email me at work for pricing and availability - "beauphoto", add the usual www and .com to it and then look up my email on the "Contact" page. Sorry, I get enough spam at work as it is and don't want to publish my address here in an easily readable format.

Note that we do not sell out of province or country and I have no interest in competing with the many reputable HP calculator dealers around such as Samson Cables (where I actually bought my 49g+), Eric Rechlin's site and others.

Mike Mander

See my posting above!

Mike Mander

I got my 49g+ and 12cp here. He is based in Oakville, Ontario. I recommend him highly.