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Full Version: HP-97 HELP
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Hi, I just got my hands on an HP-97 and was wondering if anyone can help? Everything seems to works except the 7 key and the SCI key. It even prints great! Also, the 4 and 6 key seem to do repeating. Finally, card reader doesn't work.... but I don't really care if it does.

Anyone got some tips on at least getting the keys to work right?

And before you ask, I want to keep this one, but will sell on ebay only if I cannot get those buttons to work.


For the card reader repair, please check my page on it: http://www.pmgeiser.ch/calc/

Often, bouncing keys can be "un-bounced" by simple cleaning.

Good luck!


I agree about the keys, they are easily accessed, a few screws/
On the 97, the keypad comes out in one piece that contains no electronics. This piece can be thoroughly washed. My keyboard looks like new and does not have registration problems anymore.


Thank you!


Warning, although the hp97 service manual gives advice on how
to remove keys from the baseplate, my advice is don't!

If the stem breaks, it can be very difficult to repair