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Full Version: HP42 manuals
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I have seen both wire bound and normal book type manuals for the HP42S.

I have an 'Advanced HP42S programming' (I think that is the title) book by HP which is wire bound but have not seen this manual in normal binding.

I find the wire bound books to be better than the normal type which fold up when you let go of them.

Did HP change the manual binding part way through production? Or was it random which type of manual you got with your calc?

Mine is wire bound, Edition 4, March 1990

I have an Edition 3 (March 1989) which is spiril bound. My Edition 5 (August 1991) has a regular glued book binding. I have tried to find any significant difference between them but really can't find anything. I didn't know they did an "advanced" manual. Unlike the 48G, you can get pretty far with the basic one. Richard

My wife has a HP-42C but has lost her manuals.

Does anybody know if hard-copy manuals can still be obtained for the 42 series? I've only seen electronic versions (on disk from hpcalc.org).

~ Bryan

HP still have factory reprints. Which is basically a very good photocopy done by HP. But in most cases you will need to use a ring binder.
Try :


and search for part number 00042-90001
By the way I take it you're speaking about the HP42S. Cause I never heard of an HP42C.

Good luck.

Thanks! I'll check it out!

Actually, they did make a 28-C, but only for the first year. It has less memory and does not have the IR port that I believe the 28S has. The keyboard looks a bit different too.

Again, thanks!


You're absolutely right -- it's actually a 28C, not a 42C -- sorry for the snafu. I mis-remembered.

Still appreciate the help though!!!

The 'advanced' manual for the HP42 I was refering to is actually called 'programming Examples and Techniques' March 1989, 00042-90055. Sorry if this caused any confusion.