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Full Version: ALARM problem...
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Hi, HP48 users!

I wrote a simple program to operate an alarm.

I have a problem to know if the alarm has ended, I tried to
do it in this form: ACKALL 1 RCLALARM, but I got an alarm
time although it has already occurred.

I would expect to get:
"No alarm pending.
Press ALRN to create".

How would I get this message via the program?
When I do this: left shift TIME, manually I receive
the message I want.

Best regards,
email: td@chem.ch.huji.ac.il

Alarms are more than a simplistic date & time event. An alarm, when due, could return a message, it can repeat at selected intervals, it can perform an action while unattended (the calculator). Flags affect the action of expired alarms as does the nature of the alarm itself (message only or control). You can find additional information in the 48 Advanced User's Reference Manual. I think the information in that publication is your best resource for your questions.


PS: If flag -44 is clear, acknowledged alarms are cleared!