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Full Version: HP-67 Repair Silver Lining
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First of all, sorry if this posts twice. The forum didn't take my earlier post, but it may show up later. There doesn't seem to be anybody "manning" the forum these days...

Has anyone had any success at repairing the "silver lining" around the face of an HP-67? I bought a "chrome" paint pen from a hobby shop, and while wet it looked pretty close... but it dries too flat and doesn't match at all.

I bought some chrome foil thinking I might burnish it on, but that seems like a lot of work... but if it works it I'll try it.

Anybody have any good tricks? I also considered scraping all the existing paint off and replacing it with something else... at least it would be consistent.

I think there is an article on the museum site that talks about a mixture of silver paint and aluminum chips or something like that.

Personally, unless you can make it near perfect, it is worse than having one that is just worn.

Just my opinion though. Esthetics is in the eye of the beholder.