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Full Version: 48gx display problem
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My trusty HP-48GX has one row ( 14 from the top) and one column ( 35 from the left) of dead pixels. While still functional, it would be nice to fix. Any ideas? I'm game for opening it up if it might help??

push on the faceplate above the letter "F" while pressing the keys. As long as you press, it will work.

Someone suggested removing batteries, soaking in pure water, and then leting dry for a few days. The idea is that the foam pad that applies pressure to the surface connectors in that area will swell enough to remove the symtoms.

Just don't give your calculator any aspirin; you don't want to reduce the swelling ;-)

Is this LCD problem something I could get sent in to HP and fixed for a reasonable price? The pressing on the faceplate didn't work and I don't know where to get pure water ...


HP is not in the service business anymore. You are out of luck there...however you *should* contact http://fixthatcalc.com

Edited: 12 July 2006, 12:10 p.m.

I think you can still get HP to fix it (I think they simply replace it) at a fee. Am I wrong?