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Full Version: HP 11C Cogo Program:
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Years ago I had a program for the 11C that would take Lats & Longs and would calculate the Azimuth & distance between two points. It was only a 15 or 20 step program. You'd store the Lat & Long of point A into 1 & 3 register and the Lat & Long for point B into 2 & 4 register and run the program. It was Great for surveying in the field. Does anyone know of this program or something similar for the 11C?? If so, please email me at thebruce7@aol.com. Thanks.

Robert --

This is essentially the "Great Circle Course and Distance" program from the HP-41 Navigation Pac, which is not quite so compact -- 35 lines plus an input-processing subroutine.

It's not exactly what who wanted, but it could give you some ideas for Google searching...

-- KS

Hi Robert. For me, one of the benefits of reading postings to this forum is to learn new things as well as to help remember old things.

There is an algorithm on page 240 of John Ball's "Algorithms for RPN Calculators" that should help. The result of the example calculation agrees with the result from:


I hope that this helps.



Look here: http://homepage.mac.com/nwjh/HP-33S/
for program "Co-ordinate 'Inverse' 1: Azimuth and Distance from Co-ordinate".
It is for HP33S, but maybe you can use it.

Best Regards,