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Full Version: HP-33e
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How do you take apart an HP-33e. Two screws on top are obvious. But then the bottom is still held together and I can't figure out how to unlatch them apart.
thank you.

To open the HP3xE (and HP3xC) series :
Take off the battery cover and remove the battery pack.
Take out the 2 screws that you've already found under
the battery cover. Most people then tell you to pull the
machine apart starting at the top (battery pack) end -- Don't! -- that's the way to break the case.
Instead, Hold the machine with your thumb in the battery
compartment and your fingers on the HP nameplate on the
front of the machine. Squeeze, thus forcing the bottom cover
towards the front of the machine. You'll hear a sharp click
as it comes free. Then lift off the bottom cover, pressing
the battery contacts to let them fit through the case.

Thank you Tony. It worked just like you said! I considered breaking the case, and then posted a plea for help.