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Full Version: HP-17BII self test & info
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Hi, everybody:

I've been offered an HP-17BII Financial Calculator,
good cosmetics and functioning, and I would be grateful
if someone could tell me how to perform its self-test, as
the manual is unavailable. Is it prone to some general
failure I should be aware of ?

Also, I know nothing about this model, so comments
on its quality, functions, and general appreciation
among Hp collectors would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance.

They seem to sell for $20-50 on ebay.

Not prone to any general specific failures that I'm aware of.

If you can add some numbers together, access the menus and see the LCD clearly across teh screen, then it should be ok.

Not all that collectible, since it is still sold today.

Press CLR & the 5TH menu keys (above the word printer) simultaneously. To stop the process Press CLR & the 3rd menu keys simultaneously.

I tried the self-test procedure, and it worked perfectly !

Thanks a lot, you've been most helpful.