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Full Version: HP41C Rarity?
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I have an HP41C SN1926A00137 which seems to be a pretty early model. It is not operating but the guts appear to be very different than any 41C I've seen

It also has a plug-in module in slot 3 which is nothing more than a DIP switch (marked "K40"). The DIP switches (qty-8) are wired into 4 small circuit boards (23x12mm ea.) standing vertically on the left and right sides of the battery position.

The machine has some corrosion damage and does not work, probably due to the corrosion. I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about this weird bird and if its worth spending time on getting it going.

From the serial number that does seem early. Check out: http://www.hpmuseum.org/collect.htm#numbers here in the museum for a list of early serial numbers, oldest listed for a 41c is 1930xxx. Others here can comment on the module, I don't have a clue but it sounds like it is worth fixing.
good luck

I have discovered that one of the circuit boards is the same part number from HP as the X-Memory module internal board. It looks like someone has installed expansion boards from HP to make more room for devices.

A 41 of this vintage will also have all bugs.

Lucky you!

I guess the more bugs the better for collectibles...

I have found an HP41C which has an older Serial Number than the one posted on the museum web page. This one has the serial number "1926A00137"

The unit has pretty bad corrosion on the battery contact foil and also in the display area, probably due to a battery leak. Its missing the battery holder and module slot covers. In addition the owner had made extensive modifications, mounting extension module circuits internally. I believe this one can be salvaged so I am looking for 41Cs as replacement part sources to try and salvage this model. If anyone is willing to donate parts I would be thankful.