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Full Version: opening an HP-71B
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Hi all,

i recently had the luck to buy an HP-71B "nonworking" but only one battery contact is gone (it works well with an AC adaptor!).

i would like to repair it but how do i best open it? I found a lot of screws but these seem to be of a very small hexagonal size...

does anyone know which kind of tool is needed? or any other hints?

thank you in advance

Hi Hugo,

Luiz & Tony have posted a very nice explanation on this topic HERE.

The screws are TX6s : You'll need a Torx 6 screwdriver or a small Allen.

Cheers from France.


Edited: 26 June 2006, 10:56 a.m.


thank you for the link, it makes everything clear. Now just finding such a TX6 in Belgium...



Hugo wrote:

> Now just finding such a TX6 in Belgium...

Oh come on, I found torx screwdriver kits in Greece, surely you
can find a shop in Belgium that stocks such items .


Bonjour, goeie middag,

Got my Torx at BricoCenter, avenue Brugmann, Bruxelles.


thanks folks,

the one i found up to now were not smaller than 1,5 mm but apparently it should be even smaller- shall look again!