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Full Version: Clock on 49G
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I cannot get seconds information displayed on the clock in my new 49G.

Anyone have a clue?


Wang Wan
Mericom Corporation
Lead RF Systems Engineer
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Yes, I noticed this as well. I remember something in the HP48 documentation that advised turning off the clock when performing some operation (serial comms?). I'd guess that the updating of the clock every second interrupted the other process and made it unreliable. The HP49 may have got around this problem by not displaying the seconds (thus only interrupting every 60 seconds). Just my guess.

Yeah, well. I got with e-mail support at HP Calculator Div. and they could not help me at all. Maybe someone can develop a new program that displays clock seconds and maybe even a stopwatch- how about it?

Well, have at it yourself and let us know your results!

We'll I battled it out and got nothing from HP except that they will be changing the Advanced User guide to reflect that there are no seconds displayed.

It would be nice to have, though.

I wish that the 49G does everything that the 48GX does and more, but it leaves things to be desired, like expansion ports and infrared.

I found that there are printer commands in the 49. Does anyone know what printer this is for?