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Full Version: How to print out program listings
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I do not know how to print out a program listing on the HP41 thermal printer after I input an program on a HP41. Can someone tell me how ?

You can use PRP function to print a program

When you excecute the PRP (print program) function, a specific program stored in memory is printed. The calculator prompts you for the name of the program you wish to print. Simply key in the name of the program (by pressing ALPHA name ALPHA); printing will begin at he first line of the specified program. If you do not specify the program name in response to the prompt (if you press ALPHA ALPHA), the printer will print the program to which the calculator is currently positioned, beginning at the first line. (If you are using an HP41CX calculator, or an HP41C or CV calculator with an HP82182A Time Module installed in a calculator port, the time and date will also be printed at the head of the program listing)

Hope it helps.