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Full Version: Re: Collectors meeting in Europe (Vienna) ???
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Hy, is the old plan up again? I think we were discussing this last year, or even langer ago. Keep on going! And, Vienna is realy nice!

Yes, I also think so :-)

We should get some guys together (I'd think there are abt 10 serious collectors in Europe, maybe more). We'd need some time range, where we are all free for a weekend or even more. When are some public holidays (maybe a for long weekend) in the single countries ?

Don't forget to let the members of the UK club HPCC know about this. There are one or two serious collectors and a whole lot of enthusiasts, plus we're not that far apart geographically.

There's a web site with a discussion board where you could post an announcement at http://www.hpcc.org. My experience of the board is that it's not well used, so if the meeting was far enough ahead, you might get better response by putting an announcement in the bimonthly journal. The editor, Bruce Horrocks, can be contacted at editor@hpcc.org