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Full Version: HP48G+
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I just bought a HP48G+ to replace my late HP42S. It looks great, who came up with the color scheme? Are there any web sites that have a write-up on transitioning from the HP42S to the HP48G? The User’s Guide is very good but I am still thinking “HP42S… where is the R/S key?. Also, I have some pretty simple but handy programs for the HP42S that I need to convert over. The User’s Guide did a poor job with programming. Where can I find some examples? The HP41CV guide had a number of examples that were very helpful when I first started programming.

Thank you

I can not think of a better place to start than the following site (appart from this one!):


Try looking at the 'One-Minute Marvels' and 'HP48 Workshop' down-loads.

This site kept me occupied for MONTHS.


P.S. Keep at the HP48 programming, it WILL become clear after hitting one's head against the wall several times. (Legal - Do not hit your head against a wall, unrecoverable brain damage is likely to occur, similar damage may be experienced when trying to program the HP49G with the HP supplied user guide).

& don't toss out that dead 42; there are people here that fix them &/or need parts. reduce, reuse & recycle.

I was looking for a brand new 48GX to add to my collection and to back up my veteran 48GX of 5 years. I came across the 48G+ which shares many of the same parts. That's when I found that the new keypad has cheap, noticeably disproportioned silk screening on the keys. My veteran 48GX keys are super high quality plastic inlaid lettering that never wears out.

If the latest version of the 48GX is anything like the 48G+, I say forget it. I'll spend the money on all of those accessories that I couldn't spend on before like the 1 meg RAM card and the math packs, etc.

Anyone else notice this difference between the older and newer versions of the 48GX?