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Full Version: desperate find a installation card for survey gx 4.0
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I need someone help me to find and if you have a installation card for TDS survey gx card, please let me ┬┐know, tha nk you and best regards

TDS Survey and Survey Pro cards do not have seperate installation cards but they do require a ram card.

Start with a clean GX:

Turn it off and remove the cards. Press and hold the A and F keys, press and release the ON button, release the A and F. Press F to clear memory. You now have a calculator with no contents in memory.

Turn the unit off, insert the TDS card in slot 2, alpha type "TDS48" and press enter. The TDS library will be loaded and you will be told to turn off the GX and move the card to slot 1. Do that, insert your ram card in slot 2, turn it back on and execute "TDS48" again and the survey program will be running.