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Full Version: Re: HP-10BII
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I got a couple of them when I was in France. I've not seen them on sale in the US, but I have not been looking either.

In my opinion, the 10Bii is much better than the 30S, but not as good as the old Pioneers. To HP's credit, the keys have the old-time Voyager-type "click" to them, and they feel good. The quality of the materials is lower than the Pioneers or Voyagers, but other than that, it's a good calculator.


I have not seen one at a B&M store or online. Any ideas?



I saw it in Brussels this week-end. Looks quite nice and indeed the keys look like voyager series and are quite crispy.

I've got no idea where it could be purchased online. It seems the European markets have been delivered before the belgian markets !

This is the link to the Hp official site of France. This link shows that this calc is available in France.


You can even download an emulator to this calc !

Price is +/- USD 38

I purchased them at a FNAC store in France (equivalent to Circuit City here in the US). They have a website:


The site is in French. Do a search for HP 10BII, and it should turn up.

They were being sold for 260 Francs (about 40 US Dollars). I don't know if they'll ship to the US.

Best of Luck,


After a bit of guess work(!) try looking at the page:


(This page has no direct links to it, and only varies from the ...10b_info.html page in the picture - the text looks exactly the same)

The price is set as $29.95 - but the 'but online from HP' link does not work.

It looks like HP are 'ready to go' with this page but have not enabled it yet.

The Fry's Electronics store in Arlington, Texas, had them for $39.99 last Friday.

Yes Tom, the link from HP france to the emulator goes to the US HP site, but is not accessible to the US site itself !

Anyway if this can help I can get some HP10BII and ship them to the US, at real cost.