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Full Version: HHC2006 information
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Hello Everyone,

The Conference committee is looking forward to seeing you all at the Radisson Hotel September 16th  & 17th. This will essentially be similar to HHC 2004.  Our web site will be up soon and we will be having several very important and interesting announcements related to HP Calculators over the next few weeks. 

If you would like to make a presentation please contact me.  This is the 25th anniversary of the HP-12C and any topic related to the 12C, its history, or related to its functions is a very apropos subject.  HP is gearing up for the 35th anniversary of calculators next year and HP has made some very interesting and important changes.
As everyone knows HP has a new president and his attitude towards the traditional values that made HP the company we admire is quite different than his predecessor. 

These changes are filtering down to the operational divisions such as calculators.  You will clearly see the results at the conference in several dramatic, and I mean
dramatic, ways.  HP is still using the business model that keeps it "lean and mean" competitively, so there are still few opportunities to actually "meet HP" other than at these Conferences. I will elaborate more on this on the Conference website. 

Serious change is in the wind and I guarantee you that HP is leading the way in the traditional manner we have missed during the last five or more years. 

HHC 2004 was one of the most diverse and positively commented on Conferences in recent memory and I can understand why the response favored having a Conference in San Jose again. 

All of the websites of the last three years are still on line.  Just change the year to 2003, 2004, or 2005:


For those new to this list you may also find lots of information on the HHC Conferences on the web.  You will also find many photographs of the people who attend these International Conferences as well.  Meeting fellow enthusiasts in person is a lot more fun than emailing, Skypeing, chatting, or websiting.

I hope you will forward this information to friends and advise them to sign up on the HHC list to receive future information.  Of course this is an excellent place to provide viewpoints, inputs, and suggestions on any topic related to HP's handhelds.  Contrary to what many believe, calculators are over a Billion dollar business and they are far from obsolete, HP is far from becoming stagnant, and who knows what TI is doing
to build the future.  Is the Inspire the last new generational machine from TI?  Attend HHC 2006 and find out what is really happening in HP handhelds.

X < > Y,


And note that the Handheld Computing Conference discussion list can be subscribed to at http://lists.handheld.org/mailman/listinfo/hhc.


Um, pardon my ignorance, but Radisson Hotel, where? Franklin, as 2005? San Jose, as 2004? Newport Beach, as 2003?

Sorry. Edited the post a bit and deleted that important piece of information.

San Jose, CA

If it wasn't half way to the other side of the world, I would love to attend. I am looking forward to the reports.



Does you have some interesting gadgets to show at the HHC2006?


I do. Same as last time, but the final product this time around.


Tim wrote:

I do. Same as last time, but the final product this time around.

Please refresh my memory, what did you show last time?

Edited: 8 June 2006, 7:02 p.m.

This time the calculator is working, rather than just running a hardware diagnostic. :-)

It was the surveying thing. The yellow box controlling the robotic measurement instruement via bluetooth. We'll have real marketing photos of the final product in a few weeks to show.


Now that's what I am talking about!!!! Will bring cash with me if you are going to take orders.


Oh yes! That was amazingly cool!

Is the conference solid enough for people to start buying airplan tickets to attend?