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Full Version: no display on Hp 48sx
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Yesterday I exchanged batteries for HP 48sx. when I just exchanged two batteries, i heard a bell from calculator with a display on the screen ¡° try to recover memory?¡°. I just left that displayed message, and took off the other old battery, and then tried switch on. But at that time unfortunately I found no bell, and no display anymore on the screen, just showed a purple color screen. I wonder what happened?

I expect anyone who knows can help?

kind regards


Try using the reset hole. It can be found underneath one of the four rubber feet. Underneath each rubber foot is a hole; the reset hole is the one marked with an "R." The location is not the same even within the 48SX series. In the older models (made in USA), the reset hole is usually under the top left foot. In the later models (Singapore) it is under the top right foot.

Check the polarity of the batteries?