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Full Version: HP15 C usage question
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I have a HP15c and lost my manual. I have 4 number zeros in my display [0.0 00] and a letter "C" bellow the zeros at the right side. How do I get rid of them? How did they get there? I don`t remember doing any key combinations that would result on this..

*&%&$%@.. I have the same problem... Can someone help us?


Your calculator is in SCI or ENG display mode -- the two zeroes on the right are the exponent. Say "f FIX 2" to restore the default mode.

The "C" indicates the calculator is in Complex mode. To switch back to Real mode, say "g CF 8".

- Thomas

Edited: 20 May 2006, 2:33 p.m.

Thanks a lot Thomas!!!

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