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Full Version: CMT-71-P01 EPROM Programmer (2nd Update)
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You didn't really think I could wait till the weekend, to continue checking this out, did you?

I read a little more in the instructions and it looked like programming 64K wasn't going to be any more difficult. So, I decided to give it a try by duplicating my one and only 64K EPROM with CMT-71-P01 software. Didn't want to go without a backup.

So, I performed the CLONE operation, set the unit for 64K, did the checksum thingie and hit PROGRAM button. 10-15 minutes later, I had a newly programmed 64K EPROM, with all the software that was in the other. Looks like this is working great.

Now, I really am going to call it quits for tonight. The next test will be to try and get programs from other ROMS to fill the 64K and combine multiple programs into 1 64K EPROM. I think that's the final test. Any other operation I might be missing, that needs to be tested?

BTW, I did a cut and paste to swap the 1st and 2nd updates, so they could be read in the proper order.

Edited: 8 May 2006, 12:12 p.m.