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Full Version: Hrast HP41X auto-off in emulated 48GX environments
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Greetings group, I had an RTFM moment with respect to an earlier query, and I have been able to experiment with Hrast's HP41X binary code files in Emu48 and Power48 emulations of 48GX. It is actually painfully easy--in Emu48 one drops whatever HP41X binary object on the stack and EVALs, and in Power48 transfering it to the correct directory on the memory card makes it easy to find and load. So I have that settled fairly painlessly.

But in these settings HP41X emulates the "auto off" feature of the original calculator. Frankly it does it too well, and if one does not choose "true calculator speed" as an option, on a quick handheld or PC the emulated HP41 display cuts out after well under a minute, not 10 minutes as in the original HP41C series. Regrettably, it doesn't seem that "continuous ON" (alpha ON alpha) is implemented.

Is it just me, or has this experience been shared by others, either in emulated enviroments or on the actual 48GX calculator? It is a shame to lose out on the faster processor speed in emulated environments, but that display cutting out all the time is crazy-making....


You are talking about HP-41E, not HP-41X !!! Please, don't mix these two totally different versions !!!

HP-41X auto-off time is about 5 minutes, no matter what the CPU speed is.

Shame or not, I don't have any intention to work on HP-41E anymore, as I stated many times, here or in various mails.

If HP-41E behavior bothers you then you can buy HP-41X.

Best regards.

I've never tried it myself, but according to the README.TXT file, the "lite" version of HP-41E does not do auto-poweroff. Of course, it also has other limitations, which may make it less useful to you, but I thought I'd point it out anyway.

- Thomas

Edited: 4 May 2006, 8:30 a.m.


You are very correct. I meant HP41E. Consider my wrists slapped. I should know better, since I read with great fascination the earlier thread outlining your collaborative project to preserve the code of a certain very pleased aviator and navigation expert.

And you are very correct to not work on HP41E anymore. I know that developers move on. I was just asking the group if anyone had made the same observation during use of your older HP41E. My observation is but a minor annoyance for me, nothing more. I didn't bother you directly with my query since it is clear you don't support HP41E anymore.

As for purchasing HP41X, your webpage makes a compelling case, and I will write you outside of the forum about examining a demo version. I am but a hobbyist, and your code is not cheap (nor should it be), but it is no more pricey than an expensive dinner out, and much more intellectually satisfying.


My public apology to Hrast for misnaming this thread.

Of course I was referring to the freeware HP41E.

Please read posts to follow for further clarification.


... and your code is not cheap (nor should it be), but it is no more pricey than an expensive dinner out, and much more intellectually satisfying.

Nice said! Perhaps I should put this quote on my homepage :-)