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Full Version: HPIB plotting
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I have been sent a 3.5" disk that has been produced by a HP8752C / HP9122C network analyser/disk drive combo and contains a phase length plot. Where I work we only have a 5 1/4" drive and so cannot read or plot the trace. I know nothing about HPIB, is there a way if modding our HP9127A (5 1/4" drive) or reading it by PC, given a suitable application?
Help please!!!

Try the LIFUTIL program



I've just tried to run the Lifutil link but the PC keeps locking uk (running NT4). Do I need HP museum registration or some other prerequisite for actioning FTP?? Fraid I need a bit of hand holding on this one.

Stewart Mitchell wrote;
> I've just tried to run the Lifutil link but the PC keeps locking uk (running NT4)

I should have mentioned this, LIFUTIL.EXE is a legacy program that needs DOS or Windows 3.x/95/98/ME. It will not run under OSs that protect the hardware from user-level programs (e.g. NT/W2K/XP).

LIFUTIL.EXE was issued by HP, but it is no longer supported. The HP Museum (MoHPC) simply distributes this program for free, again without any support (except this forum, of course).


I have a bootable partition with MSDOS and the Microsoft TCP/IP so that I can boot from this partition read/write files using LIFUTIL and xfer them to another machine using ftp.