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Full Version: Emulators within emulators: HP41E and Power48
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Hrast's HP41E has been around for a few years, and Hildinger's Power48 is just a little more recent, so I expect that this question has been posed before. But, as a newcomer to emulators and this group I would like to ask it again ;)

I am interested in knowing if there are any utilities that allow one to turn Hrast's HP41 emulator applets for HP48 into files portable to the emulated version of HP48 (or 49) calculator running under Palm OS (5 in my case.)

I ask because I am finding Power48 to be an excellent rendition of the "real" calculator, and I actually use it more these days than my actual HP48G. Moreover, I don't own a serial interface kit and can't seem to find one, but as an HP41 lover I am really keen to try out Hrast's emulation. (I am talking here of the freeware HP41E, not the recently much praised HP41X, which sounds amazing, but for this hobbyist, a little pricey ;)

A lot of exciting problems and solutions get discussed in this forum, so I expect that this has crossed someone's mind before. I am keen to see what people have to share.


I played around with HP41E about a year ago on EMU48. I did not put it through a real shakedown but it worked.

Just tried to load one of the HP41E files in the EMU48 environment and this is easy enough to do with the "Load Object..." menu command.

But such a task does not seem easily down with Power48. Indeed, I am not clear whether one can indeed load external code into the Power48 emulators without some serious hacking that is beyond me.


A quick test shows that it seems to work well with Emu48. The only "glitch" I found is the need to set "Authentic Calculator Speed" in the Emu48 settings. Otherwise, the HP41 emulator display cuts out every few seconds instead of every few minutes!

The keyboard mapping will take a time to learn too.


I have had another RT(F)M moment (*blush*).

Mr. Hildinger includes with Power48 a utility to convert code to files that can be loaded on the stack. Well documented in the PDF file in distributed zip file.

I have had no problem converting some of the Hrast HP41X emulator files. The main challenge to use is remember the keyboard mappings. But it seems to work well.