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Full Version: Power48 Question, Palm T|X
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Is there a way I can transfer programs done with the Power48 to the actual calculator?

Thanks in advance

I haven't tried it myself since the serial cable I have acquired malfunctions and I am awaiting replacement, but I am hoping the you can use the Save Object option in Power48, save the object in question from the stack to the extension card, get the file onto the PC using an SD card reader, and upload it onto the "real" HP48 or 49 using whatever protocol you like via the cable.

I do know that program objects written on Power 48 port beautifully this way to Emu48 (I use HP48)--just drag the object file in question onto the virtual LCD and there it is on the stack, voila. Whether this works with the actual calculator, I just don't know--maybe someone else does. The developer himself may know too.

Hope this helps partially.


P.S. I have learned that Mr. Hildinger has returned to developing Power48 after a hiatus and v. 1.5.2, with the memory allocation issue fixed some keyboard mapping bugs worked out, should be available in the foreseeable future, hopefully! On Palms with the 320x480 screen, like the TX, the display is very acceptable, and I use the Power48 GX emulation more than my "real" HP48G. It is a lot faster and has more memory space. For those with larger screen PDAs, I recommend it highly.