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Full Version: P41CX, Power48, and Palm TX compatibility
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Does anyone have any experience running the subject line emulators on a Palm TX? I am thinking of upgrading from my trusty but weak-batteried Clie SJ30. (The larger screen, built in WiFi, and pretty good reviews for the TX attract me too.)

I asked because HP calc emulation has become a very important part of what I want to do on a PDA. I am hoping the the HP48 and HP49 emulator runs better with a larger screen and faster processor and more RAM in the new TX. P41CX runs acceptably on the older unit (save the well-documented battery drain), but I will be very said if it doesn't port well to the new unit!

Any feedback would be helpful.


I splurged on the Palm TX tonight.

The P41CX runs well and looks beautiful. No problems.

As for Power48, the 48GX and 48SX emulators work flawlessly.

But the 49G emulator can't find a state file (according to the verbose start-up display) and shortly thereafter gives an error that not enough memory can be allocated.

I installed the most recent version and followed the developer's instructions scrupulously in converting the ROM files to the appropriate pdb files with the utilities provided.

This thing has 128MB of internal memory, and most of it is free now, so I don't quite believe the "not enough memory" error.

The developer's update history suggests that there have been memory allocation issues with certain Palm models.

Does anyone have a clue? Have I done something wrong, or is there a bug?


I concur with Les regarding the Power48, the 48SX and 48GX both work well with Power48, but the 49G rom will not execute. I keep getting the "Power48 was unable to allocate enough memory for the ROM image" message. I get this message even after I reset the Palm TX.

I currently use the 48SX ROM on the Palm TX when I'm not using the 49g+.

The solution to the Palm T/X and Power48 issues.


Works like a charm.

Does indeed work like a charm!

I invested in TX for its large screen and extra internal RAM so I could run these emulators, so I am a very happy guy?

Does Mr. Hildinger know about this? I have been haranguing his support email address for a quick fix, impatient overgrown adolescent that I am!

Thanks, gents.


I spoke too soon.

Not working like a charm any more.

Same problem recurring after a peroid of working correctly.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the "fixed" power48.prc and the rom pdbs, but the old memory allocation error recurs.

Any new ideas?



Deleting Power48, doing a soft reset, and reinstalling seemed to work.