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Full Version: LX95 card
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I've got a vintage LX95 which has a problem recognizing the memory card. A SanDisk 2M card is accepted, that is, "plug in device - installed". Yet when I try to save to drive A, the message is "directory does not exist". Any ideas anyone? If the 2M card is not suitable, is there anyone out there that can sell me a smaller card that would work. I'm sick of losing files. The machine is excellent for a car log and I even take it on hikes and bike trips to keep a diary. Simply love the little gizmo!

Did you format the disk first? Use the DOS command:


to format the disk first. Then it will be recognized. Also make sure that the CR2025 battery (or whatever battery the card uses, if any) is still in good condition.


as Luiz wrote, te card has to be formatted first.

Are you sure the SanDisk card is of SRAM type?

If the card is a Flash type,

you'll need a special driver for the 95LX

to be able to write to the card



Yes I did format the card and it is the flash type. Where or how do I get the driver for the LX95
Thanks for your help so far.

Try the HP95LX Section of SUPER.


You may also wish to try the HP 95LX Technical Information page.