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Full Version: Can I use a HP 12C display as a replacement for a broken HP 15C display?
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Sorry for putting this question in the Classified Ads section. Did not see the link to the discussion forum.


I know I have asked this question before but the answers I have gotten so far goes in all directions and no one have yet told me that they have actually seen it work for themselves.

So please only answer if you are a HP technician ( working with repairs) or if you have actually done this operation yourself and seen it work.

As far as I know there are several hardware versions out there. Mine does not resemble the one featured at the HP museums (http://www.hpmuseum.org/tech10.htm) though. To me it looks like the board of an HP 11C.

If anyone of you have done it yourself, please submit a scan/picture of the inside or process if possible. ( 1MB no problem)


Contact Heather@Hansson.ms

Sure, why not? I believe the 12C display has all the 15C annunciators (C, RAD, GRAD, etc.). Why not try it and find out? Be adventurous!!!

Are you still looking for parts? I may have a source.


While it may be possible (the displays have all the same layout and indicators), I remember somebody here who bought a current 12C (still available at stores) to fix an 11C (I think it was so, just from memory), and find out that the displays were not electronically compatible. You may give it a try, but it is not a sure move. If you may find a calculator from the same manufacturing time, even a different model, it is quite possible that the displays are the same type.