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Full Version: Spice Chargers
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I have a 33C in need of a charger. Somewhere on this site it mentions that the charger should be an 82087B. In a forum archive, I see mentioned that the 82087D is also a Spice charger. Is it okay to use this latter model charger with my 33C?

Hi, John;

as you can check here, Spice is the 'name' of the HP3xE/3xC series. So, the HP33E/C is one of the SpiceĀ“s.


Luiz (Brazil)

Let me rephrase my question.

On the "Battery Packs & Chargers" part of this website, the following is presented:

"Spice (HP-31E, 32E, 33E, 33C, 34C, 37E, 38E, 38C)
Battery HP 82109A, Chargers HP 82087A/B (HP 82089B, 82090A/B 220-240 VAC only) Do not use A models on continuous memory calculators."

Notice how the 82087D is not mentioned. Should it be?

John Bobinyec

Hi John, Luiz,

You can use your "D" on your Hp-33C.

The only model that cannot be used with constant memory calculators is the "A" model.


Edited: 18 Apr 2006, 3:08 p.m.

And to be complete,

If you check your Hp-33C in the Hp part database HERE.

...you'll see that the 82087D is explicitly mentioned as adequate for your model.


Thank you, all.

John Bobinyec

Hi all,

Maybe a dummy question, but what is the difference in the A and D version in specification, different output voltage, max. current?


Hi Ronald,

Electrically, they're both : Input 110VAC, Output 1.8 VA max, 10 V AC, 7Ohm

I think that the "D" model cord is longer but I'm not dead sure.

And for Europe Hp-82090A/B Output 0,9VA, 9VAC, 7Ohm


Edited: 18 Apr 2006, 5:21 p.m.

Hmmmh, the cord length determines whether it can or cannot be used for CMOS Spices??? Maybe I missed an important fact in physics, electricity or semiconductors - please explain


Edited: 18 Apr 2006, 6:12 p.m.

No, I was just stressing a possible physical difference between A/B & D not an electrical one :-)



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I believe that the Spice/Woodstock chargers for machines with Continuous Memory have a couple of zener diodes wired in inverse series across the output. The older model doesn't. Incidentally, the connector for the 'topcat' series charger has 2 zeners in inverse series hidden in the plastic moulding. This is mentioned in passing in the PortablePlus technical manual (of all places).

I also believe (and measurements + calcualtor schematics confirm this) that Spice and Woodstock chargers are electrically identical, the difference is the connector only. Which makes sense since the battery packs are 2 AA cells in each case, and the resistor/diode circuit in the calculator is the same for the 2 series.

Hi Tony,

The 2 Zeners inversed over the potput would make sense. It is a a kind of over voltage protection which for the more sensitive Cont. Memory chips.

Thank you


I don't think it's really an overvoltage protection, more a glitch supression. From what I remember, those zeners (at least for the Topcat charger) are something like 27V.

I think I read somewhere that it wouldn't damage a Continuous Memory machine to use the old (A-version) charger, but there was a risk that the continuous memory would be corrupted.


My 25C came with an A-version charger, and I've never had a problem with the continuous memory.


... so the conclusion is: we've uncovered another case of Voodoo?

You mean we need dolls & needles?


Depends, Trent ;-)

However, to me it seems nobody could answer Ronald's question so far:

Maybe a dummy question, but what is the difference in the A and D version in specification, different output voltage, max. current?

So, I concluded calling the unproven claim of a difference "Voodoo". If dolls and needles help (you), you are free to use them. d:-)

Edited: 22 Apr 2006, 2:48 a.m.