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Full Version: Hewlett Packard Calculator Conference
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Does anyone have information regarding HCC 2006? It is San Jose, if I remember correctly. Thanks in advance.

This has not been decided/formalized yet.


Here's a vote from a conference newbie for San Jose!

The fact it's 30 miles away from where I now type is immaterial, of course. 8)


HHC2004 was in San Jose. HHC2005 was in Chicago. At the end of HHC2005 there was some talk of hosting it in Chicago again.

Best bet is to email Richard Nelson and ask him. Most remaining calculator groups have folded. So the HHC2006 will be for the realdie hard folk.


Why not have it Phoenix where air conditioners rule??

I second that Charles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How about holding the conference near NY, this might entice more of our European friends to make the trip over and join in.


I am willing to orchestrate a meeting in Orlando Florida. We have all the theme parks, beaches and cruise ships an hour away, Amtrak Auto Train from Virginia, two airports, etc. (and then I could attend it!).

If not this year, please keep me and Orlando in mind for another year.

I am with Howard, hold the conference in Silicon Valley, birthplace of the HP35. A short trip (500miles) for me from So. Ca.

Warmest regards to all HP lovers

I second the Orlando, FL meeting!

Those interested in the Handheld Computing Conference can join the mailing list at http://lists.handheld.org/mailman/listinfo/hhc.

Thanks to Eric Smith for the mailing list.


Great! Conference at Chris' House...

Plenty of Dutch Oven food. :-)

If it's in November, I'd gladly attend in Orlando !