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Full Version: ACE 2MB RAM HP95LX
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I recently obtained an ACE 2MB SRAM card for my HP95LX. I was hoping I could quickly transfer files from my computer to this card, and then just plug it into the 95LX. Does anyone know if this is possible? Would I need Windows or Linux drivers? I tried searching on the internet for help, but the hardware seems slightly too old. And my attempts to access the card with my current Windows XP and Linux setups have produced nothing.


Yes, Synchrotec has setup a very nice FAQ about this here.


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Thank you for the information. By the way, you've got e-mail =)

I found the ACE and Melcards I have work with SRAM drivers under the various OSs I run, including linux, Win98, and 2000. Don't forget to check the card battery, most easily in the LX itself. Win2000 tends to not recognize the file system, and wants to format the card, which I take as the sign of an incorrect driver. In my experience, the drive (socket adaptor) you have is more critical than the driver or OS for good compatibility. My old multiboot thinkpad 760 seemed to work best across the range of cards I have.

Best of luck.