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Full Version: HP2225B proplem!
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I have a problem with an HP2225B: after rebuild the battery pack with new Sub-C NICd 2000mA akku, recharging and plug in the printer, nothing happened, only the yellow led go on. What might be the problem?

Thanks a lot for your help.

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the HP 2225B is a ThinkJet printer with an HPIL interface.


Hello Ignazio,

Sorry for not answering earlier !

1 - Ensure that you have both the battery pack and the AC adapter connected.

2 - Turn off and back on the printer.

3 - If the yellow light is :

- lit continuously: paper might be loaded incorrectly, reinsert paper with perforated sides. The yellow light should begin to blink.

- blinking: press the blue button and it should turn off. If it doesn't, try to locate any obstruction around the print head carriage and repress the blue button.

4 - If, AFTER this procedure, the light continues to blink, the printer is signaling an error condition that MIGHT need repair.

Good luck.


Hello Etienne,

the yellow light go off after insertion of paper, but nothing else happened, the red light remain off.

What do you think about?



Hi, Ignazio;

I have no such printer, but as it is an HPIL-based interface, let me ask: have you checked if the controller actually ses it? I mean, by using current HPIL identification commands (I'm not sure if it is a standard or extended IO function, but AID seems to do that), does it appear normaly?

Also, does the rebuilt battery voltage matches the original range?

Just some questions that occurred to me now.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

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So, before sending anything to the 2225B, check the following:

- The "power light" RED must be on.

- The "attention light" YELLOW must be off (it's the case now).

- The paper is fed AND the paper pressure axis and roller must be set back pressing the paper.

- You have a good ink cartridge in the printer.

- The 2225B is connected to a controller in a closed Hp-IL loop.

Is your controller a 41, a series 70, a series 80 or a 110 ?


Hi Luiz, Etienne

nothing change with or without connection of controller (HP41). The printer do not go on.
The battery voltage match the range.
I don't know what to think, now, I'm sure there are a bad component in the logic PCB.

Thank a lot from Italy.

Best regards


Edited: 10 Apr 2006, 5:13 p.m.

Does the carriage move when you turn the printer on? It should move to the right (clear of the home sensor), then back to the left (at least)?

I have a Thinkjet service manual. From what I remember, it does an internal self-test at power-on, if this fails, it doesn't move the carriage. So the carriage not moving could be due either to a problem with the carriage motor (driver circuit, the motor itself, mechanical stuff) or a problem with the microcontroller circuit. I also seem to remember that if the self-test fails, the microcontroller outputs a pulse on one of the lines used to drive the printhead (the printhead power supply is disabled, it won't print a dot). You can detect this pulse with a logic probe. Which line pulses depends on what is defective (microcontroller, font ROM, RAM, etc).

Assuming the carriage never moves, I would start by making sure the carriage is free. Then ask me (by private e-mail) to get out the manual and I'll tell you what signals to look at.

Hello Tony,

unfortunately the carriage don't move either to the right or left, although seems to be free.
The main problem seems to be the red led off.



If the RED Led is off, could you sextuple check your battery pack voltage unloaded & loaded ?

Or it could be something with the internal power supply circuit.


Hello Etienne,

On the last check, the battery voltage is 8,41 Volts unloaded and loaded.


Yes the power mustbecurate and it ispossible then the contact
plate inside doent translate withthe spring the complete amps
and voltage necessairy so a 8.5 8.7 v main is needed sometimes...