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Full Version: HP48GX Modifications
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Has anyone performed aftermarket mods to the 48GX?

Has anyone got a source for the name plate for the back of the GX?

John in DC

I've seen quite a few aftermarket mods in terms of custom cards for the card slot:

- home-made ram cards
- internet relay chat card that can communicate via radio
- hp networking (not a card slot mod, but kinda neat)
- sound-and-memory-in-one card
- opinionmeter card (used for taking polls)
- hooking up the hp48 to a modem (again not a card slot mod, but also neat) and browsing the web

Commercial hardware includes:

- drive95 (an external disk drive that connects via the serial cable)
- overhead projector card
- various equipment for the hp48 related to surveying

For the HP48G calculators, many people add extra memory and/or integrate a speedup module onto the PCB.

Edited: 6 Apr 2006, 10:12 a.m.

Can you tell me more about the speedup modification?

I have a GX with the 'speedup' modification.

It's deactivated by default. If you start the calculator by holding the ON button, it goes into 'turbo' more. The downfall? The time goes twice as fast and is therefore less accurate, and it eats batteries.

I think the modification was offered by Digitallis.de.

Pretty neat.


I tried that website & it did not work. Any other ideas on this?

JK in DC