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Full Version: Allschwil meeting 2006
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Hello all,

it's a good year for a new meeting!

We would like to arrange a meeting for collectors

and users of HP (handheld) devices in fall 2006,

at a weekend in the range of end of October

and beginning of November 2006.

Please let us know if you want to join, and drop Matthias a mail

The mail address can be obtained here:


Here's a link to some photos of the 2004 Allschwil meeting:


There's new software, and even hardware,

for our beloved HP calculators!


Matthias & Raymond

I'd like to join (on time this year).


I was asked by Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz (sorry for the missspelling Wlodek) if there is a new meeting this autumn. This seems to me, that he is also interested in it.
As I am very busy this autumn in the Theater of Basel (I´m singing in the extended choir there - "Nabucco" (G. Verdi), "Don Carlos" (G. Verdi) and "Die Liebe zu den drei Orangen" (S. Prokoview) I will have to plan it as soon as possible.
Note: This is a really special occasion to meet really interesting and important HP people.... Maybe we cn also have some more people from HPCC this year, not to miss Diego, hrastporgrammer, Emmanuel, and all other friends that couldn´t jon last year.


Would early October be too early to hold the meeting?? I may be able to make it too!!! I may have some business meeting in France around that time, so I may be able to swing by.

I may be able to give a presentation about root-seeking algorithms. It will be an enhanced version of the one I gave at HHC2005.


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I will gladly join the meeting, and I am open to other locations as well.


We're planning to have a conference in the US in mid-September, but the location has not yet been chosen.

I'd be happy to attend a conference in Europe as well, if I can afford it. I'll have to start saving some money, and/or sell that HEPAX. :-)

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Honestly, I'm not sure if a newbie like me even qualifies for receiving an invitation to a meeting of the masters of the HP but just in case I do:

I did not know that there is a meeting in US as well (Eric, would love to learn more about it) Also would love to come over from NYC to Europe again (good excuse to see my home Vienna). November might be better for me (I am salmon fishing end of september for a week and holidays are even rarer than Hepax-Doubble-Memory modules here in the US)) But should have some flexibility.

Let me know!



Everyone interested in handheld computation products (HP and others) is welcome to the HHC conferences, regardless of their level of expertise. We are not elitists! There are usually presentations covering a wide range of subjects, so all attendees should get something out of it. And although the presentations are great, I think the general camraderie is even better. It's great getting to meet in person people that I otherwise only communicate with over the internet (not that there's anything wrong with that!).

We have the conference almost every year, most commonly in mid-September. I've been attending since 1995, but they started in 1979. The location moves around, and hasn't yet been determined for this year, although several possibilities have been discussed. The main criteria are generally that the location be convenient for travellers, including those from abroad, and that there are local people to host it.

Every five years or so, the conference is in London hosted by HPCC; the next one is likely to be in 2007. Other years, HPCC has a "mini-conference".

Videotapes and DVDs of past PPC/CHHU/HHC conferences are available from Jake Schwartz.