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Full Version: HP-41 rubber feet replacements
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Does anyone know of a source for replacement HP-41 rubber feet? I would like to add them to my new MLDL2000 and don't want to steal them from my Card Reader. If no one knows of a source, I may have to try some thin bicycle inner tube material.


Someone sells them on eBay, or have a look in the classified section on this site.

If you just need one, and you can't find any other source, I might have a spare one I can give away for free.

Have a nice weekend! Klaus

You can use EPDM sheet roofing rubber available at home supply stores (but you may gavce to buy a 1x12 foot piece). Also good hardware stores have rubber sheet gasket material in smaller sizes in the plumbing area.

I checked the ads, and only one poster (a WTB) was listed and unanswered.

One rubber foot would work fine as this is all the Card Reader case needs. And I have a roll of double backed tape. I'll try to contact you by e-mail. If I can't find your e-mail address, please contact me through donald18NOSPAM@sonic.net with the usual removals.

BTW, the best tape for sticking feet is 3M OUTDOOR carpet tape. It is black in color and slightly textured.