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Does anyone have the details on the 40g for sale in europe. How does this compare to a 48SX. Thanks in advance


The HP-40G seems to be an the european version of the HP-39G


Yes, it is comparable to the 39G with the added functionality of CAS. It is Algebraic only and does not have an IR port.

Comparing to Hp48G+.

About the same price, might cost a little more to get from Europe.

48 has 128K RAM
40 has 232K RAM

48 has RPN and an enter key where it should be, with the standard good quality Hp keyboard.

40 has the 49 look and feel and is algebraic only, not selectable.

I suspect that programs are much better and more readily available and will always be so for the Hp48.

Units conversion and other neccessary features are built in with the 48 (standard with a professional's tool) vs the 40 can handle nearly any math problem but lacks units conversions, Eq lib (seldom used, but when needed is there), and must be downloaded.

I have both a 39 and a 48 and even if the 39 had CAS (which is what the 40 has over the 39) I would still favor the 48 by a wide margin. In fact I have a 49 and I still favor my 48, (for two reasons, keyboard feel and keyboard layout)

Now if I were involved in heavy Matrix eq work or other high horsepower applications, I may switch over to the faster 49. (Maybe)

I, too, have a 39, 48 and 49, and I got a friend who was travelling to buy me a 40 in Germany.

I still use the 48 most often.

Remember, even with the CAS, the 40 is still algebraic, and if you think in RPN, well.....

I really do like my 49 very much, but it hasn't quite convinced me to put away the 48 just yet.

Roger Metcalf
Arlington, Texas

guess i will pass on the 40g and stick with the 48.. looking for a replacement 42s... can't live with out a rpn machine.. thanks to all