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Full Version: Page moved to <www.hrastprogrammer.com>
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I just want to inform you that I, at last, hosted my homepage on a proper server (without ads, etc.) so the new URL is:


The new e-mail address is:

Beside all other info from old pages, you can find keyboard layouts for all my emulators there (in Word 2000 format).

Best regards.


Just saw your IR-Printer emulation - one question: may you use -PRINTER 3B- in your HP41-emulation?


Printer 3B is IR printer, right? No, it cannot be used for several reasons, mainly because I don't have any info about insights of HP-41 IR module and because this ROM is bank switched 8Kwords ROM for which I don't have enough space inside HP41X library.

My IR printer emulation is based on the Helios printer module.

Best regards.

Edited: 20 Mar 2006, 4:31 a.m.

Tnx, I asked as I am still looking for more information about that "Blinky", it loops in my emu.


Hey, Hrast;

good news! I hope you are in better hands.

Best regards and congrats.

Luiz (Brazil)

I can relate to your move. I started my own web site with a free ad-based site and got feedback saying that the ads were too distracting. I decided yo give my borther in Cananda a call, since he owns an ISP service. He was more than happy to set me up and I moved my site that day! I also use it to store large file size scans of calculators that I sell on eBay.


Now I really don't know why I was waiting so long because the hosting costs me about 3 USD/month (together with domain registration). I moved the whole site in less than a hour because my site is very simple and I just had to FTP the directory to the server.


I hope you are in better hands.

I am now finally "ads free" :-)