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Full Version: After HP48sx
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This museum ends with this model in 1986. Later calcs are described very shortly here, but without pictures, feature sets etc. Are there any other places where I can find this information? Right now I'm looking for the features of 19BII, but that's just one example.

Thanks in advance for some source(s).


thanks for recalling this link I forgot! However, the information contained in MoHPC is far more reliable. IMO the only disadvantage is it ends in 1986.

For example, I learned at MoHPC the 19bii offers RPN - can't find this feature in Victor's site.

Is there no site containing HP calc teens (out of production) in equivalent depth as MoHPC?? I'm looking for features and high res photos.

don't forget Craig Finseth's amazing HPDatabase


Like Dave, he tries to make it as accurate as possible. a couple of times I have fed him bug discoveries etc or minor inconsistencies and he has fixed them and said thanks. Thanks Craig! And Dave!

No fotos at Craig's, but detail descriptions yes.

Edited: 8 Mar 2006, 8:29 a.m.

V.Thoth's site is a must.

In rare cases is information actually not exact, and it goes in much less detail than the MoHPC, but I like the very visual layout. Calculators are easy to browse by maker or other criteria, and it is a godsend for collectors interested in many brands.

My only regret is that there is no "Updates" page. I find myself browsing for new material the hard way from time to time.

Thanks for your infos - these are sites I have in my link list. So apparently that's all what's available. A lot of data ... my favourite place will stay here at this museum. Thanks, Dave, for this site!